Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tour of America - Day Fourteen

Although the flies had disappeared during the night, shortly after sunrise they made their appearance. We dressed, packed our supplies into Popper and left camp intact as we bolted down the mountain to civilization. We invaded Grandma C’s place in Marina, and she and I took the kids to the beach while Papa Bear caught up on e-mails.

Four Bears taking in the mighty Pacific.

Despite the cool weather and colder water, the kids had a blast playing in the ocean.

BooBoo in the waves.

Contemplating going back in.

T-Bear having been doused.

BroBear doused and pummeled by a big wave.

"Did you see that wave?!?"

T-Bear and Banana, last ones out of the water.

Back to Grandma’s place to clean up, throw beach clothes in the wash, and lunch. Then a mini-Star Trek marathon (“The Trouble with Tribbles” was the kids’ favorite) and visiting before dinner. Then, back to our dark, tippy camper for bed.


  1. too bad our paths will not cross in Ca...
    what a blessing it is for your family to take this trip
    have fun

  2. I've been having the greatest time reading about your trip. So bummed that I missed you while you were here :( nobody told me!! :(

  3. By the way, the chilly ocean looks like heaven from where I sit here at home! :D