Friday, July 23, 2010

Tour of America - Day Thirteen

Packing up took a little longer, as we’d been at our site for a few days. And added some equipment. Papa Bear picked up a “First Up” shade/canopy thing, which definitely came in handy. Thankfully, we’ve eaten enough food I could empty one of the food boxes completely and stack it, saving space inside the camper. We said our goodbyes to family and headed for California.

Just inside California, we came up on Mount Shasta, still showing off snow.

Mount Shasta

Shasta Lake

T-Bear sleeping. A popular past-time in the car.

Rolling hills of California

California oaks.

Ships at Oakland harbor
After a ten-mile drive up a TINY winding road...
...we reached the campground at Fremont Peak State Park. Definitely the most “primitive” camping we’d done; no water or electrical hookups, “non-flush” toilets, and no showers. There was water at a spigot. And flies. Lots and lots of flies. And we had an electrical problem with the camper, so there were no lights inside. And the site was not level, so despite our best efforts the camper was listing to one side. Made for interesting sleeping arrangements.


  1. Hey, welcome to CA!! We just got back from a week camping at Lake Tahoe and missed you as you practically drove by our place! It's fun reading about your journey. I'm getting lots of ideas for the trip we hope to take in the opposite direction in the Fall.

  2. you just blew right by me! No sonoma, napa??? No golden gate? Your trip is amazing! Thanks for posting your great pictures! And you are right, there are no words for crater is just THAT amazing!