Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tour of America - Day Eight

I swear I heard cows and wolves in the wee hours of the morning.

Just outside the campground we entered Wyoming briefly and then into Idaho. Saw Grand Teton mountains off in the distance…incredible tall, sharp peaks. Beyond that, after seeing the Yellowstone area, there’s not a whole lot to say about Idaho. Except, if you’re into rocks, Crater of the Moon is pretty cool.

Volcanic rocks.

BooBoo taking in the view.

Lava flow.

BooBoo explaining to Banana the attributes of volcanic rock.
Yes, he did put it back.

Flower that flourish in an extreme environment.
Ground temperature reaches 150 F in the summer,
and freeze in the winter.

More incessent winds.
Powerful, too.

BooBoo flying with a little help from Papa.
BooBoo’s intense curiosity and driving need to explore is creating a sticky situation. He’s not one to quickly tour a site and then move on; he wants to climb every mountain and explore every cave and pick up every rock to examine it carefully. Future trips we’re really going to have to provide much more time for exploring sites.

We stayed at the KOA in Mountain Home, Idaho. The least appealing KOA we’ve stayed at so far, but still a pretty decent facility. It does cause one pause, however, when there is a security lock on the bathroom doors. Yes, they did give us the combination so we could pee. Having had our car-top storage bag rifled through at the last truck stop when we stopped for lunch, Papa Bear was feeling particularly security-minded, so we tucked everything away or close to the camper before turning in for the night.

A loooooong day tomorrow....


  1. I'm loving your vacation - thanks for sharing it!!
    Hey - what's this I read about back to MDI. Details when you have time. XOXOX, Laura

  2. I lived in Idaho for 4 months, and I wasn't a fan. Where I was it was flat flat flat.

    Love the pictures! Keep em comin'!