Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to School

Yesterday was our first day “back to school” after a break of about a month and a half, and I’ve changed things a bit. Again. I’ve backed off being a TJEd purist, and have begun scheduling content, and requiring. Heh. We’re even using workbooks and flashcards. Scandelous, I know. But, we’re also back to reading our classics. Brother Bear and I are reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe again. T-Bear is back to listening to audiobooks on his headphones to help his CAPD. And, we’re back to working on our penmanship. So far, so good. No mass rebellion yet. Haven’t gotten through today, though. The day is still young.

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  1. I think I've decided to have a schedule and something like a curriculum for Littleman starting in August. . . for the sake of marital harmony. I'll still be leaning towards a "core phase" philosophy, but I'll be leavening it with some parent-led stuff. I'm right there with ya when it comes to searching for the right balance.