Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Competition

I was hearing loud counting coming from Papa Bear’s den. In Papa Bear’s voice. A bit later he comes down to the study. “You gotta come see this!”. Up I go.

Papa Bear and Brother Bear had been watching the movie “Kindergarten Cop”. There’s a scene where Arnie’s character has the kids doing sit-ups, and that got Brother Bear inspired to see how many he could do. He took a couple of stabs at it, and got as high as 40.

Then, it was T-Bear’s turn. After a little breathing instruction from Papa Bear, T-Bear gets going, hits 40, and keeps going. He makes it all the way to 100 before he stops. Slow and steady, doing the proper breathing, very focused. I don’t think I’ve seen such focused determination in him before.

Next up was Angel Bear. Same concentration, same focus on breathing properly, same determination. T-Bear is holding his feet and encouraging him the whole time, and Angel Bear hits 107.

It was awesome to watch the dynamics between the boys, each supporting the other and encouraging them to keep going, even if it meant breaking their own newly minted record.

I’m pretty sure they’ll be feelin’ the pain when they get up this morning. But, they couldn’t have been prouder of their efforts than they were last night. Papa Bear was a little proud, too.


  1. Aaah! Nice..and good exercise too.
    You need to get at least one work of fiction on that reading list on your side bar.

  2. Yeah, Grace, I keep wandering over to my bookshelves looking for a frivilous novel, but can't seem to find one. Was reading "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" but found it so un-interesting I haven't gotten around to reading the last chapter. Maybe I'll start Harriet The Spy today :)

  3. I was itching for some fiction too so I started in on The Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony. Fun SciFi!

    Sit ups...I might be able to do one!

  4. Incarnations of Immortality IS a good read. I'm hunting for something fun to read, too.

    I need to do some sit-ups, too! Kudos to the boys for a great competition!