Thursday, June 25, 2009

Our Newest Visitor

Driving home from the movie theater (where we saw Star Trek for the 2nd time...yee haa!), we came across this little guy wandering down our street just in front of the house.

We scooped him up, of course, so he wouldn't get squished. And brought him in the house, of course, because...well, just because. Angel Bear insists we're going to keep him forever (we're not). Brother Bear spent about an hour yesterday researching the care and feeding of snappers, and coming up with every possible angle for keeping him (we're not).
These guys grow fast, and grow big. They require a lot of space, are incredibly messy, and will eat just about anything, including your fingers.
We'll be taking him down to our local creek soon, which is where I suspect he wandered from.

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