Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Our Fourth Trip to the ER

Today Brother Bear was bitten by some unidentified insect. He described the bite as “burning”, and the finger was swelling and stiffening, so off we went to the Emergency Room. For the fourth time in two months.

The first was May 6th, the day before we left for vacation in Orlando, when Angel Bear burned his arm on some hot soup. The second was on May 13th, in Orlando, when T-Bear was diagnosed with T1. The third was on June 10th when Papa Bear was bitten by a Copperhead snake. So, this was our fourth trip.

Then, of course, there was the kid's pet rabbit dying on May 30th. And, the dog having a severe allergy that's required numerous trips to the vet this past month (always great for the budget). Oh, yeah, and the boat breaking down on the lake, and the boat trailer blowing a tire.

Brother Bear is fine. Gave him some Benedryl for the reaction. The burning sensation has stopped. He’s back to his usual spit-fire. But, I'm starting to feel just slightly cursed, ya know? Wonder what tomorrow will hold for us?

Did I mention Papa Bear was out of town on business during this little ER trip? He'll be home tonight. Knock on wood.


  1. Argh! You shoulda come to the park instead! Cool (relatively) and breezy. SORRY about that.

  2. Holy smokes. Not to mention everything else you've been dealing with. . . any idea what the bug was? I'm glad Brother Bear is feeling better. Here's hoping you have a few nice, boring days. ;)

  3. Life's an adventure, isn't it?