Friday, June 26, 2009


Most homeschoolers are familiar with the term "strewing". Mom subtlely leaves intriguing items laying about here and there in hopes of enticing the children to pick it up, ask questions and/or explore said item. I mostly strew books (go figure).
This is our family "learning space". It has been strewn. Not by me. By the "strewees". And, we're not even doing school.
Yep, I hit my head, came to my sense, and called for vacation. What was I thinking, doing "school" in the middle of summer vacation, and in the middle of everything else that's been going on? I can be a wee bit nutty at times.
BTW, the odd bucket of water on the table is where our visitor is staying while he visits. He'll be going home any day now. Really.

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