Thursday, June 11, 2009

Don't You Hate It When...

…your laptop shuts itself down in the middle of typing up a blog entry because it’s just downloaded an update from the internet (on its own, while you weren’t looking) and needs to shut down and restart to reconfigure something (which you’re completely ignorant of the importance of)?

Apparently, when I hit “enter”, my laptop interpreted that as saying “yes, shut down right this second”, when what I really meant was “I need to start a new paragraph”. That’s what happens when your eye-hand coordination (organic processing speed) lags far, far, far behind your laptop’s (synthetic) processing speed. Poor, pitiful, slow human that I am, it actually took a few seconds for me to realize what was happening and stop typing. And wait. And wait. Just hold that thought while She shuts down, reconfigures (which takes a while), reboots, and reopens the programs that were open when She told me to “talk to the hand”. Except, She never re-opened the document I was typing on when She had her little time out. And, She didn’t manage to auto-save the document I was typing on when She took Her little coffee break. And, She has absolutely no appreciation for the fact that I can’t possibly hold a thought for a full five minutes to wait for Her to reconfigure, because, well, I’m a mom. And, certainly no appreciation for the fact that I’ve been sitting here typing in the dark, because it’s 3:00 am and I’ve got kids in the bed with me who should not be wakened by something as intrusive as a light being turned on.

So, I’m starting over. Trying to re-grasp the illusive thought I was in the middle of, plus all of the brilliant material I had managed to write in the past 20 minutes. At 3:00 am. Ha. Maybe I shouldn’t be writing at 3:00 am….

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