Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Free-Range Turtle Moment

Our visitor, who has been dubbed Squirtle (that’d be a Pokemon character), was released into the wilds of our subdivision’s creek today. Seeing as I’m trying to become a Free-Range Mom, I let Brother Bear and Angel Bear walk over to the creek on their own to perform the release. It’s about a five minute walk. Yes, they made it home alive, unmolested, and unabducted by predators lurking in the bushes. Amazing, isn’t it?

Angel Bear, however, did come home crying. Hard. He was very upset about letting Squirtle go. He wanted to keep Squirtle forever, and was very concerned that Squirtle might be bitten by a water moccasin. Okay, I hadn’t really considered that as a possible reason not to return a turtle to the wild. But, okay. We’re all probably just a little hyper-aware of snakes just now, in light of Papa Bear’s recent run-in with the copperhead.

So, he cried for about half an hour, the little dear (Angel Bear, not Papa Bear). He’s gotten over it, and just a little while ago was prancing about naked in the kitchen (again, Angel Bear, not Papa Bear). Kids are so resilient. Maybe we grownups should take a lesson from them. The resilient part, not the naked part. Or, maybe both. Couldn’t hurt.

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