Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Afternoon Wrap-Up (Friday)

So, yesterday after his meeting, and a short nap, Papa Bear took the Cubs down to the pool for a couple of hours. He discovered the pool-side bar, and the Cubs had smoothies. Everyone returned to our rooms happy, tired, and hungry.

Papa Bear had to run down to the registration desk to get a new card key. Apparently it got too close to his cell phone, or wet, or something. By the time he got back, the kids were practically begging to dive into the platter of tortellini and shrimp on the table. Yum! After dinner, Papa Bear ventured out to Downtown Disney in search of a nice cigar, which he found, and enjoyed.

That wrapped up Friday for us.

One quick side note. Most of you know I buy as much organic foods as I can manage, and the boys know this. Angel Bear, especially, is keen on spotting the organic selections, and has just about mastered picking out the word "organic" on signs and packages. Yesterday we were wandering through the produce department, and he announced he wanted some broccoli. I told him we had some broccoli in the freezer, but he wanted the broccoli he was looking at. Now, since I've been working on upgrading our eating (which I promise I'll get into later), I've become even more leery of produce that comes wrapped in plastic and/or sitting on styrofoam, and this particular broccoli happended to be wrapped in plastic. "Ick", I'm thinking, but what I said was "Do you want that broccoli?" So, he asks me, "Is it organic?". I said "No, honey." As I'm squinting across the produce department to see if they had any broccoli in the organic section over yonder, he says "Is this one organic?" He's got another plastic-wrapped head from the same section. I think it was the first one's neighbor. "No, honey, those ones are not organic." "How about this one?", grabbing the next one over. "No, honey, they don't have any organic broccoli here." After a moment considering the broccoli in his hands, "Then I don't want any." Plop goes the offensive non-organic broccoli, back in the bin with it's non-organic, plastic-wrapped neighbors.

Gotta love food awareness in kids...

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