Friday, May 8, 2009

What's Goin' On?!? ... or, Why I Started This Blog

I started this blog because I’ve been jotting down notes about our vacation. Yesterday we drove from our home in Lawrenceville, GA to Orlando, FL for our first “real live family vacation”, as Papa Bear put it. We’re staying at “The Fountains”, A Bluegreen Vacation Club Resort (basically a timeshare condo that they’ll be trying to sell us on Monday, and which we’ll be politely declining). Papa Bear made all the arrangements, booked a few fabulous excursions, and ensured we’ll have adequate down time to enjoy our comfy suite of rooms and the fantabulous pool/water park just downstairs. But, since I’ve got this on-going mental narrative going through my head as we move through our days, realizing I’ll probably be answering the question “How was your vacation” at least a hundred times when I get back, I figured I might as well wrap the whole thing together in one big Blog Burrito and give folks a place to come and see for themselves how our vacation is/was. So, I’ll try to get caught up, and then post as we go from there.

Oh, yeah. I’ve got another blog, which is part of a homeschooling community. There’s some stuff from over there that I’ll re-post over here (I’ll indicate it as a TJEd post in the header so you can skip it if you’ve already read it over there). “So”, you are asking, “why don’t you just post this vacation stuff on your existing blog?” Well, because that blog is pretty specific to the type of homeschooling we do, and that community is pretty conservative, and probably doesn’t want to hear about our vacation or what I’m cooking for dinner tonight. Not that you do, either, but then, you wouldn’t be here, would you?

Off we go….

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