Thursday, May 14, 2009

An Update

It’s Thursday afternoon, and it’s been a busy day so far. Our Child Life Service person, Valerie, came in to introduce herself, and arranged for the pet therapy lady to come by with her beautiful Golden Retriever for a visit and some tricks. Valerie also arranged for an Xbox to be brought into the room, which was a blessed distraction. Papa Bear, Brother Bear and Angel Bear arrived around 11:00, just in time to meet with the Certified Diabetes Educator, Sarah. She gave us a backpack full of stuff, including books and supplies, talked to us about the disease in general as well as management, and showed us some basics about testing and injecting. Then a quick lunch in the cafeteria before meeting with the dietician, Lisa, who went over Thunder Bear’s meal plan, carb counting, etc. The guys have gone back to our rooms, and I’ve got plenty to read up on this afternoon. It still looks like we’re on schedule to get Thunder Bear’s IV removed this evening, so I’ll probably be getting my first hands-on lesson in injecting then. He can’t wait to eat real food again.

The hospital staff has been fabulous. Thunder Bear has been very well taken care of, and everyone has been very friendly, attentive, and supportive. We are blessed to have received such great care.


  1. So glad things are going ok there. Been thinking about you guy all day. I had gestational diabetes with Ella (not Aubry though) so I know what is coming. He will do great! Diabetic diets - as I am sure you know by now - are really just a healthy diet with the carbs spread out over the day. AWESOME that they brought in the dog and the X box! Sounds like you landed in a good facility. But I know ya'll are probably ready to get home. Hope to see you on Tuesday. Call me if you need ANYTHING. We'll be around this weekend.

  2. Been thinking about you all day. Good to hear he's doing so much better! We are here to help too.