Thursday, May 21, 2009

Motion Sickness Defeated

I get sick in the car if I’m not driving. I can avoid it if I watch the road at all times, but even turning my head to talk to one of the kids in the back seat can make me nauseous. T-Bear occasionally gets queasy on curvy roads, and Angel Bear is known for throwing up whatever he’s eating when eating in the car. So, a few months ago when we were facing our first long drive down to Florida (Tampa), I got hold of some motion sickness bands to try them out. With all of the reading that I do, I couldn’t imagine sitting in the car staring at the road for six hours. Well, the bands worked. They worked great. They worked completely. I read. I wrote notes. I even worked on a needlepoint. The entire time. And not the least bit queasy did I feel. Awesome.

So, this time around on our trip to Orlando, I had Papa Bear run into the drug store and pick up four sets of bands. He even found some kid-sized bands with funky neon colors. Once again, I was able to keep myself occupied (and, in fact, typed up the notes for this post in the car) without the least bit of motion sickness. It worked great for the kids, too. Gotta love that.

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