Friday, May 15, 2009


We had a good night, considering we were in the hospital. T-Bear’s glucose stayed in the desired range through the night (drops around 2:00 am are not uncommon, so they tested him around 3:00). Dr. Desrosiers came in early on rounds to check in. Our new day nurse, Magen oversaw as I did T-Bear’s testing this morning, and drew and administered his insulin, so I feel confident now that I can do it on my own. T-Bear is still getting upset when it’s time for needles, but he said after this morning’s dose, “I think I’m getting used to this”, and he didn’t cry nearly as long. We keep talking about it little bits at a time, and I think he is beginning to adjust. We had breakfast together, his IV and monitors were removed, so he was free to get up and around.

Kim from Child Life came by to play with T-Bear, gave him his own “Me Doll” with medical supplies. She talked to him about diabetes, then they set an IV and give meds to the doll, did a finger prick, and insulin shot. Then, after a snack, we went upstairs to the play room for a game of LINGO (hospital Bingo) with half a dozen other kids. William got a prize, a nifty little flying gizmo, and we headed back to his room for a little rest. He needed one more tiny dose of insulin before lunch, but ate just about everything on his 3-carb plate (that’s a lot!), and we’re just waiting for our last meeting with Sarah, and for the doctor’s okay to exit the building. As nice as everyone has been, we’re both looking forward to getting out of here.


  1. What a brave guy you have there! Love to you all.

  2. Glad things are looking good and he is getting a little more used to the pricking, etc. Safe journey home.