Monday, May 11, 2009

The Launch (Monday)

Off to the shuttle launch. Brother Bear spent some time checking out the NASA site’s mission information before we headed for the Kennedy Space Center United States Astronaut Hall of Fame.

After a short pit-stop along the side of Challenger Memorial Parkway….

…and a little entertainment in the car…

Angel Bear as Aqua Fina Man.
…we arrived at our destination.

After a bit of wandering about in the Hall of Fame exhibits, and a ride on the shuttle time-warp ride, we zipped outside to see, hear, and feel the launch. Even from ten miles away, though we couldn’t see the launch pad, it was perfectly clear exactly how fast the shuttle was moving, shooting through the clouds and into space.

Then back inside for a bit more exploring, where Brother Bear, Angel Bear and I squeezed into a capsule.

The most important thing I learned today? Astronauts have to be small people. I barely fit into the capsule’s seat. Long-ways, I mean.

The ride home.

Some clouds.
Returning to our temporary home, the introverts (Thunder Bear and I) hung out in our rooms, while the extroverts (Daddy Bear, Brother Bear and Angel Bear) went out for dinner. They were kind enough to bring back dinner for us, including a nice dessert.

On tap for tomorrow: Up early for a tour of the Resort, during which some poor salesman is going to try to sell us a timeshare. Then back to Kennedy Space Center to explore the Visitors’ Center.

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