Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Evening

We're home! Well, sort of. T-Bear was released from the hospital this afternoon around 3:00 pm, and we're back at the resort for the night. After two nights "sleeping" in the chair-wannabe-bed, it will be a genuine pleasure to sleep in a real bed again, even if it's not mine. Rather than being wakened every hour, or even every few hours to help the nurses soothe a distressed child who's being poked with needles, I'll only need to get up once at around 2:00 am to do a glucose test. Hopefully it won't be a major wrangling, and we can both go back to sleep pretty quickly.

T-Bear is now dependent on me for his care, and believe me that is intimidating. I'm pretty sure I've got a handle on the basics of everything involved in management, but don't I like having the phone number of the Orlando endo docs, and knowing they generally call back within ten minutes. I tested that this evening at dinner time, needing a clarification on whether to use the rapid dose in addition to the regular mixed dose, or only use the rapid dose when not doing the regular mixed dose. Yep, Dr. Banks called back within ten minutes and was patient with my nervous question. Not only that, the doctor's message service called me back to confirm that the on-call doctor had gotten back to us. THAT is excellent service!

Tucking in for the night. Looking forward to our own beds tomorrow night.

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  1. I am sorry you are all going through this. I really feel for William!
    My dad has diabetes, he was getting very grouchy, or shall I say more than usual. Then came his diagnosis.
    I don't know if you remember our cat Luke? He had diabetes. We had to give him insulin shots twice a day. Give him food at certains times etc... He would have to go in for glucose curves at the vet every 3 or so months I think it was. It was an ordeal. I can imagine how difficult it must be for you all to adjust.
    Our good thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!
    Love, Light, Peace and HEALING!
    Kim, Larry and Gabriel