Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cold Breakfast, Cold Coffee

Breakfast was only half hour late this morning. Wedging bath time into our routine has proven a little more perplexing that I had imagined, because T-Bear can’t bathe too soon after an injection, but I don’t really know what “too soon” means. We tried last night, but were running behind, so I made an executive decision to delay bathing until this morning. So, making breakfast, testing in the bathtub (BG 100, yay!), running downstairs to check on breakfast, draw the appropriate dose, get everyone else gathered for breakfast, back upstairs to dose T-Bear, and finally sitting down to eat my beautiful omelet, it was cold, as was my coffee. Sigh. I’ll get better at this.

I have to fax T-Bear’s numbers to Dr. A every morning for a couple of weeks, so Doc can track his numbers and make adjustments if necessary. Papa Bear has a fax machine in his home office, but it’s not working. So with a little tutoring from Papa Bear, I managed to scan the document and use Call Wave to fax from my computer. I got a voice mail a couple of hours later confirming the fax, and letting us know no adjustment was needed today. Whew. I just figured out the calculations, and not ready to change them again quite yet.

After breakfast began the Parachute Development Program, which progressed through two models before Papa Bear was content with the design. The final deployment was, I think, successful. At least the LEGO man attached didn’t break an ankle.

T-Bear’s medical ID bracelet came today. Papa Bear snipped out a couple of links to adjust the fit (he’s very handy that way), and T-Bear doesn’t seem to mind wearing his new jewelry.
T-Bear and Rufus with matching bracelets

I've pretty much got my "stuff" all together in one place in the kitchen for figuring, calculating, testing, dosing and recording, plus mundane things like the grocery list. And, of course, the all-important background Mozart or Beethoven on the iPod player.

Mama Bear's Mission Control

Papa Bear is back on his feet, and had his first lesson in testing and dosing before bed time snack. Only a couple more nights of 2:00 am tests. Looking forward to sleeping through the night again (except for the usual insomnia).


  1. HI,HI,HI...Little T-Bear. Its jo jo who is very much thinking about you. You are such an awesome warrior...ready to take on any challege. You go...William. <3 <3
    All my love to mama, papa, Angel and Brother Bear. Prayers too!