Thursday, May 21, 2009

Victory! At least, a small one :)

T-Bear was awesome tonight. I was dreading our dinner-time testing and dosing, because he'd been having such a tough day. He's been very upset by the poking today and last night, and it was starting to really get to me. Tonight I asked Papa Bear to do the testing for practice, but T-Bear said he wanted to do it himself. So, with Papa Bear and I looking on, he handled the lancet himself, and Papa Bear took the reading. Angel Bear was standing by with the "dot" band-aid to finish up. No tears, no upset. T-Bear took control.

I went and calculated his dinner dose, with Papa Bear doing a side-by-side to be sure he could do it, too. And, once again, T-Bear took charge. With Papa Bear and I overseeing, he gave himself the injection using the new rocket device Dr. A gave us. No muss, no fuss, totally in charge. High five, T-Bear!

In the movie "Parenthood", the main character Gil (played by Steve Martin) talks about how rediculous it is for a grown man's entire happiness to be wrapped up in whether or not his 9-year old son catches a pop-fly in a little league game. I know exactly how Gil feels. I was completely bummed out, depressed, and broken hearted today, until T-Bear came through and caught that pop fly. The roller coaster scene at the end of Parenthood says it all. Parenting is an emotional roller coaster. Thank goodness for the highs.

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