Saturday, May 9, 2009

Back to the Pool (Saturday)

After breakfast and crafts, we all headed for the pool. Instead of the mega-pool next to our building, we opted for the smaller, indoor-outdoor pool on the other side of the property. The walk was a nice stretch-o-the-legs. It was worth it just to see the pool-side chess board.

Thunder Bear - contentment.

Brother Bear sidling up to the bar.

Brother Bear found his new best friend, who happens to also be from Georgia. Angel Bear and I enjoyed the delights of the fountain kiddie pool. He, of course, had to figure out a way to make one of the squirting water jets go through his floaty noodle so he could direct the stream. We all enjoyed smoothie drinks and lunch.

Angel Bear enjoying his smoothie and lunch.

Have bandage, will swim.
The rubber band was my idea, to keep the tape from coming loose.
It certainly ain't slowing him down.

I had the most fabulous salad for lunch. I think it was called a "Juel's Salad", or something like that. A bed of dark greens, grilled fresh vegetables (mostly squashes in nice fat chunks), black olives, feta cheese, and grilled chicken, topped with a nice balsamic vinegar dressing. Ay, ay, ay, it was wonderful! Gotta try that when I get home...

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