Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Wee Hours

It's about 5:30 am, and I'm up. I mean, awake. Bedtime was tough. T-Bear was exhausted (he actually used the word "exhausted", which for him is highly unusual), so the bed-time testing was emotional and stressful. His number was high, so I had to give him additonal insulin, which was even more stressful. We managed to have a little bit of positive one-on-one time while we shared a bedtime snack together. I have to send a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Nicky, Ella and Aubry for sending T-Bear the sweetest get-well notes ever. They were here when we got home, and really made a difficult evening much better for T-Bear.

After our shared snack (well, my snack was technically just a glass of wine), we snuggled down to sleep. But, I had to do a middle-of-the-night blood test around 4:00 am, which was very upsetting for T-Bear (being poked when he's tired is the worst). And even worse, I had to give him additional insulin because his number was still too high. The pee-ing on a stick thing is almost not worth mentioning in light of the poking part, but we had to do that too. Too many carbs during the day (figuring out carbs on the road and in restaurants is tough for us newbies!), not enough water, and no activity due to being stuck in the car for nine hours, all add up to a high number.

But, he settled back down into sleep fairly quickly. My tormented Mommy Heart couldn't help noticing he did NOT want to snuggle with me as he drifted off, which has never happened before. So, I'm awake, and plotting our strategy for tomorrow (technically, today). Lots of water and as much exercise as we can manage to get the excess sugar out of his system. Hopefully we can avoid the additional injections, and maybe even have a little fun together figuring out how to work the Wii Outdoor Adventure game. Oh, yeah, and I promised to jump on the trampoline with him (my poor, overstressed, already aching lower back will NOT thank me for that by evening).

Hoping to get a few hours of rest (dare I even hope for sleep?) before I need to get up and make breakfast...

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