Saturday, May 23, 2009

Apple Cheddar Sandwich

I love this sandwich, not just because it's yummy, but because it reminds me of some of my favorite people and some of my favorite experiences. I think S was the first of us to try this on our first Moms Night Out to Shakespeare Tavern, and she assured us it was yummy. It took me a while to try it at home, and it was totally worth it. Instead of an official baguette, this one was made up on a home-made baghette (see basic yeast bread recipe). One loaf serves the five of us, especially if I offer fruits and cheeses on the side.

Take your loaf and cut it in half. I put just a bit of mayo, sliced apple (I like the tart types), sliced cheddar, and a nice smoodge of pesto (I leave off the pesto on the kids'). The cripsy crunchy version, I image, has a charm all its own. But, I also really liked it with the softer, slightly denser, almost-still-warm-from-the-oven version, too. Once you try it, you'll be dreaming up all kinds of variations.

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  1. Thanks Monique,
    I didn't have the same bread so I used sourdough instead. It was fantastic. Thanks!
    Love, Light, Peace and Namaste!