Thursday, May 7, 2009

You Know You're In Florida When...

…you see screened in yards. You read that right, and I’m not kidding. We drove into Orlando this evening, and for the first time in my life I saw screened-in yards. The houses were large and new, mostly two stories, and all sitting on postage-stamp sized parcels, so we’re not talking about an enormous space. But, I kid you not, just about the entire back yard was enclosed in this large black metal framed, black screened contraption, about 15 feet tall, at least as wide as the house, and as deep as the yard. Of course, at 8:00 pm it was warm and humid enough to be just a tad uncomfortable, even for us Georgia Transplants, so I’m thinkin’ “What’s the point?” I mean weather aside, can you toss around a football with the kids in there? Or hit a few pop flies? Or even kick a soccer ball? Unless that screen material was made of some sort of impenetrable steel mesh, my kids would find a way to bust through it within minutes without even trying. And, I think I’d let ‘em. Those things looked a lot like cages, leading me to ask the question, “Are they keeping the bugs out, or the children in?”

Also, the thermostat in our room was set at 62 degrees when we walked in. It took two hours for the temperature to rise to a comfortable (for us) level.

We also saw a dead armadillo on the side of the road, but we’ve got those in Georgia, too.

Can’t wait til tomorrow when we find out exactly how warm 90 degrees in Florida is.

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  1. Bugs out. When we lived in FL, it kept bugs, lizards, birds, frogs, and many other little critters out of the house. Although not that effectively since all of the above ended up inside at one time or another. That's what cats are for then.