Friday, May 8, 2009

Senior Doorbell Ditch

Ten minutes after he left for his business meeting, Papa Bear called me from the car. He left his iPod in the room, and asked me to have Brother Bear bring it down to the lobby and give it to him. All three boys were still asleep, and thinking about last night’s misadventure, I took it down myself (being sure to take the stairs, a la French Women – more on that later). On my way back to our room, walking down the hallway, I came upon a gentleman (I use the term loosely) standing in his room’s doorway, dressed only in shorts, and with the most gleeful grin on his face. He was older than me, probably in his fifties, fit, mostly bald, and had a tattoo on one upper arm. He appeared to be looking for someone, like you would be looking for a child you are playing a game with. As I continued walking down the hall, he rapidly tip-toed in the same direction, stopped just short of the door opposite my door, knocked on it, and then tore back down the hallway to his own room. I swear, he was giggling. Now I understood the game, my first thought was “Can I get into my own room before his buddies open their door, and if not, what am I going to say? ‘It wasn’t me’?” Their door was slightly ajar, so apparently this game had been going on for a bit. I did manage to get inside before being spotted. I giggled.

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